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We take pride in our work and understand that every house is a home to someone. Because of this, we make sure our work is of high quality and exceeds all standards, leaving you with a safe and happy home. Here are some of our finished projects in the residential sector


Here at Rewired Electrical, we understand that all businesses, big or small, rely on tradesman to execute their business plans with absolute caution and precision. Our services can be tailored too specific plans to suit your needs. With high-quality installations and products, we promise our customers 24/7 service to ensure their business is running smoothly at all times.


We provide clients with high quality air conditioning including installation and servicing of split system units.  We also offer aircon cleaning as a service here at Rewired. Regardless of the season, Rewired Electrical is here to keep your home the perfect temperature, year round.

Contact Rewired Electrical for any electrical related work! As your most trusted electrician in South-East Queensland, we are happy to help you with any job! Big or small? We do it all!

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